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This website was recently converted to WordPress using the free WordPress theme Magazine Basic by c.bavota.

The intended audience for the information that we are posting here is any individual or business that is interested in creating or modifying a website that is Search Engine friendly and adheres to the webmaster guidelines as they are described by Google, Microsoft and other search engines.

In most cases getting your website indexed happens automatically, however a website entrepreneur or webmaster may have the desire to improve their search rankings or “rank higher” for a particular keyword or phrase.

This isn’t rocket science, but for those business entrepreneurs who are just starting to build a business on the Internet, this may seem to be an overwhelming task.

In many respects, it can be overwhelming, but if you believe in your product, mission or message and follow basic search engine optimization and website design practices, your website can make significant improvements in the search engine rankings.

Is it “Easy Internet Money” ?

Well, I haven’t found that to be the case, but I have found that if you have a viable idea then you’re already off to a good start.

The possibilities for a start-up website entrepreneur are still unimaginably excellent.

This content on this site will provide basic website optimization information that is based on experience, simple search engine optimization techniques  and common sense.

The main purpose of this website is to target the steps necessary to push your website higher in the Search Engine Rankings.

If you are looking for the “get rich quick” formula, we don’t have that, but we do have a history of success based on well known search engine optimization techniques that are simple, effective and will not leave your website in jeopardy of being banned from a search engine index.

I hope the information on this website will make your journey a little easier.

Thank you for your patience while we put our content together.

Steve Thomas

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