Search Engine Basic Concepts – Organic and Sponsored Search Results

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other search engines  display both organic and “sponsored” (paid) search results.

An organic search engine result is not something you pay for directly,  it occurs as a natural result of the search terms used and their relevance to terms and content on your website.

First page organic search results are desirable for obvious reasons, although this is not an easy task if you have just launched a website and are looking to rank for a term such as “Alaska Cruise”.

Other companies such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and are owned by companies that currently have a solid footing on the first page search results for this popular term for many reasons, including domain popularity (incoming links) , age, name, original content and many other factors.

Not to mention deep pockets for advertising, as you can see by the graphic, even though ranks Page One organically for “alaska cruise” they still show on the right under “Sponsored” search results.

So they’re probably hoping you will choose their services from the Organic results rather than clicking on the Sponsored link since they are charged  “Per-Click” for the sponsored results on the right or on top above the organic results.



This is where you need to be realistic about your chances, if you were seriously considering going after the Cruise market for this term (alaska cruise) your best bet would be to use “Sponsored”  or “Paid” search.

I’m not saying that an entrepreneur couldn’t get first page search engine results for “alaska cruise” at some point, but this takes lot’s of original content, incoming links and time.

This is one extreme example to make a simple point, if you are just getting started be realistic about your goals.

If you have a niche picked out, Great check out the competition and see how you can differentiate yourself,

What can you offer that they don’t already offer?

What new information can you bring to the index that already isn’t there?

How can you repackage existing information to provide a more comprehensive view of the subject?

Finally,  if you’re creating a website about something because you have a passion for it, by all means start posting and see how it goes. Just make sure and learn some SEO basics and research your topic thoroughly prior to creating the content.

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